Raffaella Polverini is an established publisher and author as well as an accomplished educator presenting workshops in creative writing and publishing. In 2009 she starts Kaba Edizioni publishing house dedicated to books for children and teenagers, and in 2020 she begins her new adventure with Al3viE.

Responsible for poetry’s works Anna Maria Farabbi

On March 15, 2021, a travel project is born. It opens up to fiction, non-fiction, translations and poetry, spreading the chosen ways in English and French-speaking countries, in print and digital.

Al3viE is a Kaba Edizioni company

3 as:

  • Some books will be available in print and eBook format, and some in audio-book format (epub3). Some publications will also be available for download (mp3 and mp4) and offered at no extra charge to those who have bought the printed or eBook version. All formats can be purchased directly from our site.
  • some publications will be available in english, italian and french version


In Al3viE (Other Routes) there is the courage of the step leaving the beaten path, the effort of proceeding through the woods, wounded determination, the vision of the beyond and, then, of encounters with other travelers with whom to share the richness of one’s garden, the beauty of one’s courtyard.

The journey continues as one’s breath takes the rhythm of the climb and landing where the earth meets the sky while the mountain welcomes you like a Great Mother.

From that height, in the distance, the vastness of the sea with its depths enchants.

The descent hides its perils, requires attention, but encourages to keep on going.

When you meet nothingness, the desert with its extreme reality, everything seems to have been in vain and to disappear like footprints erased by the wind. But the route is now marked.

Someone will follow, recognizing our passage and a caravan will quench our thirst with water carried in their gourds.

The work is done!